About Us


over 33

years of experience

BINA BARUTAMA SEJAHTERA PT with a core business in producing laboratory equipment for Soil, Asphalt, Material, Concrete Test equipment, and other general laboratory equipments. In nowadays demand, BINA BARUTAMA SEJAHTERA PT has increased its services to customer, considering that most customers have achieved a level of consideration.


  • To be a reliable supplier and producer for laboratory equipment for Soil, Asphalt, Material, Concrete Test equipment and other general laboratory equipment
  • Provide good quality products, high accuracy, and customers satisfaction


  • Quality Factor: All the outputs of production have meet standard quality.
  • Cost and Benefit Factor: The products have added values based on competitive price with good quality.
  • Stock-readiness Factor: Products are available to fulfill buyer’s needs.
  • Delivery Time Factor: On-time delivery to fulfill large-scale procurement.

Based on experience, we always try to develop our services and technical quality, therefore, we can always have a good cooperation and maintain a good and continuous relationship.